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Kimberly Manning handles all aspects of construction, including public and private payment disputes, mechanic liens, stop notices, critical path delay issues, licensing, union disputes, auditing, construction defect, environmental, insurance disputes, bond claims, etc… she¬†also handles insurance coverage, business litigation including trade secret misappropriation, bad faith, and real estate disputes.

Kimberly Manning - Attorney

I have handled every legal aspect of builders and subcontractors in the construction industry for over 23 years. I offer a $150.00 demand letter as the only up front cost for public and private payment disputes or related demands. I have long term clients as I do not "burn" my clients or charge them more money than they were seeking in the first place. My motto is " I get builder's paid to live another day."

Ben Manning - Vice President

Ben Manning has 16 years of industry knowledge within the Architectural design and construction fields, having worked with Architects and designers on successful one to one meetings shows over that time as well as working on Architectural Magazines published internationally. He looks after clients at Manning construction with a view to customer service and satisfaction and follow up as a go to person for enquiries, having spent years in the new build industry

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